Janka Stemmle – SYNTHETIC

My name is Girts Apskalns, I’m a 27 years old marketing and video visionary from Latvia where I started making amateur movies with friends when we were young. I currently live in Zurich, Switzerland. I completed a marketing education in Denmark and started at one point in 2016 to fully focus on video. At the moment I’m doing an internship at the video advertisement company Filmerei, where I finally learn how to work with professional equipment and being between experts in the field.

SYNTHETIC is one of my the independant projects I have worked on all by my own. I like to help out other artists to express work through video working and merging together ideas.

Janka Stemmle – SYNTHETIC

This video showcases the process behind Janka Stemmle’s work, an artist from Zurich, Switzerland. So everyone can imagine the mood, the studio space and follow the steps it took her to create her final work. The video will be displayed at the upcoming group exhibition KUNSTpause (kunstpause.ch) in Zug using an Ipad installed as an artwork next to the serie of paintings. This technology plays an important role for her as an artist because it turns into a part of her work. The unique process behind it all makes it special and very personal to her. There is more to her art then the final artworks and by using this technology it’s possible that the audience can see and experience this as well.

It’s become easier to make good quality content using your phone. Hopefully in the future artists and creative people in general will get used to this accessible technology and will use it to document their creativity and share it with us. This means future of advertisement will become more personal, more real and unique.

To see the final artworks of Janka Stemmle go to https://www.behance.net/jankastemmle.

I hope you will like the video and will help me to continue making work like this in the future

All the best

Girts Apskalns

P.S You can contact me on apskalns@gmail.com


Website: http://konsum.ch

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